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    Owners of the leaner, meaner Ford F-150 Raptor and Raptor R have an exclusive opportunity to learn about the features that make this the best-performing Raptor yet with training from Ford Performance Racing School instructors in controlled off-road environments. Ford and Ford Performance are offering this program free of charge to owners of the 2023 and 2024 Raptors.

    Have a blast and . . .
    The goal of Raptor Assault is to demonstrate the performance capabilities of your Raptor and to improve your driving skills . . . all while making sure you have a blast . . . and a lasting grin.

    Courses, terrain & curriculum may vary

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    Instructors at the Ford Performance Racing School will lead you in a deep dive of the F-150 Raptor and its features in the classroom, followed by a unique chance for you to experience firsthand the capabilities of this superb vehicle on the skills course, trail, and off-road track in Utah. Raptor Assault builds on previous owner programs offered by the school. Along with being really nice folks, our seasoned and highly qualified instructors can help anyone take their expertise to the next level, whether they are beginners or experienced racers.

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    Owners of an F-150 Raptor can bring a guest to class and the track!

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    Rest comfortably knowing you can push the F-150 Raptor like you stole it.

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    Fly in and experience the “arrive and drive” life.

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    Raptor Assault takes place in the classroom and off-road with terrain and majestic views commonplace in Utah.

    Raptor Assault takes place at the Ford Performance Racing School in the Tooele Valley, Utah. The School is surrounded by beautiful views thanks to the majestic Stansbury mountains to the west, the beautiful Qquirrh mountains to the east and the Great Salt Lake to the north.

    The off-road course is located in the Tooele Valley and travels over wide open high-desert terrain commonplace to northern Utah. The soil is comprised of rock, clay and sand. This surface has been deposited in the valley from the mountains, and the lake, over the millennia. These natural features create a mix of challenges suitable for drivers of all ability levels. The off-road course is a controlled environment — it’s ideal for learning and practicing basic skills — it’s a course where participants can have a fun exciting experience!

  • Founded in 2006, Ford Performance Racing School is the only school of its type supported by Ford Motor Company and has become one of America’s top training programs for those wanting to sharpen their driving skills while becoming better and safer drivers.  The school employs a fleet of modified Mustang GTs, GT500s, Mach 1s, Fiesta STs, F-150 Raptors, Edge STs, and Explorer STs… all steered by a team of experienced instructors comprised of championship-winning drivers.

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  • "Attending the Raptor Assault has been an incredibly rewarding experience that has truly elevated my driving skills to new heights. The program offers a unique opportunity to enhance one’s abilities, especially when it comes to handling highly capable off-road vehicles."

  • "Ford Performance has the best driver training program for its customers. Thanks, Ford."

  • "The best part about this class was meeting Raptor owners from all over the country and sharing the passion to learn how to drive these trucks as intended."